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Multiple Hosting Options

User Access

Tailored Approach

Our web-based software can be hosted on-site with your IT center or off-site in the cloud.  Contract hosting options help you comply  with your security requirements while still giving staff access to data and documents from any location, including mobile devices. 

A1 Tracker can be customized for your specific software requirement and training needs. This tailored software better helps businesses understand trends and decide how to reduce injury frequency.

Software can be segmented by entity, region, devision department and line of business so each manager at various levels of the company have access to  reports. 

Tracking Modules

Technical Support

A1 Tracker enables you to track insurance policy data, including insurance policy premiums, coverage limits, medical appointments, and treatments.

A1 Tracker features an  online cloud software support system available 24/7 with general guidelines on how to most effectively utilize your A1 Tracker cloud software. Training is also provided with A1 Tracker. 

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Injury Documents

Easy  file management & key word searching to locate files quickly. Create injury document templates, view case file attachments, and customize forms for your business. View case follow up notes and  history. 

A1 Enterprise fully customized our insurance CRM and included automation such as billing, renewals, and policy application processing via our company web site. They were very prompt in providing customer support and the software was very user friendly. We had a large data migration from an old and outdated system that was about to break down and A1 Enterprise migrated our data to the new system then helped us learn the new system with training seminars. Customer supoprt was very important for us because our last system had little or no support. I highly recommend A1 Tracker for insurance software. 

Vivian Long
Client Billing at AIS

What A1 Tracker users say about us...

A1 Tracker is a very useful tool to manage our contracts and keep it organized. The software is very easy to use and it has made a huge difference on how we store and track our contracts. The customer service from A1 is also very efficient and they always follow up to ensure your request is completed and/or resolved. Overall I highly recommend this product. 

Catarina Chennault
International Services Legal Manager
Check Point Software

Easily identify injury information, settlements, case history, & case documents.

Injured parties, 3rd parties, witnesses legal staff, and insurance companies can interface with your company at any time using a securesleek injury tracking software.

Cloud-Based Injury Tracking Software

We cover a vast array of injury types including: 

Workers Compensation

Sports Injuries

Athletic Injuries

Injury Litigation

3rd Party Injuries

 Automobile Injuries

Cloud-based Claims Processing Software

Claim parties, customers, and insurance companies can interface with your company at any time using a secure, sleek claims processing software.

Cloud-based Claims Processing Software

We cover a vast array of claims business systems including: 

Insurance Claims

Construction Claims

Injury Claims

Litigaton Claims

Transportation Claims

Healthcare Claims

...and many more!  Request a free demo to learn about our other claim types.

Tailored Approach

User Access

Technical Support

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Injury Tracking Software by A-1 Enterprise

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